• I really want to love Surecart. The setup process is loads easier than Woocommerce. And while it’s not as extendable, there are pros – like it stores the customer data off site making it easier to handle site updates and maintenance without losing order data.

    However I am having some MAJOR trust issues with the platform. Recently, a client experienced a duplicate charge for a deposit payment during the third month of an automated subscription. This overcharge has understandably upset my client, and while I was able to refund the extra fee, I was paying for the extra payment processing fees out of my own pocket with no offer of reimbursement from Surecart for their error.

    Surecart says they have 24/7 support on every page of their website, but it took them 4 days to reply to what should be a critical error – duplicate charging a credit card without permission is serious. Not only did they not respond with details but they assured me the issue was fixed even though nothing in their changelog mentions the issue. I tried to post about this on their community Facebook page (linked on their website) and the admins blocked it – raising additional red flags as it feels like they are trying to suppress this bug.

    I was supposed to launch a client’s site with Surecart this week. It’s been nearly fully developed, and now I’m having 2nd thoughts of scrapping it and just going back to Woocommerce.

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    As a follow-up, one of the founders of the company has contacted me about the issue and we are discussing my concerns. And they did offer to compensate in-kind to make right the out of pocket expenses this caused.

    Concerns are still relevant but as this is still on ongoing discussion, I wanted to be fair to the Surecart team and add more context. I will update this review later if necessary to reflect any further conversations.

    Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    I want to begin by expressing our sincere regret for the frustrating experience you and your client had with SureCart. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we take your concerns seriously. I’d like to address the specific points you raised and provide some clarifications:

    1. Support Response Time: We offer 24/7 support for basic, first-level questions. However, your issue required attention from our lead developer due to its complexity. Unfortunately, the timing was less than ideal, as your ticket was submitted on a Friday. We were able to identify and fix the issue promptly, applying a patch by the Tuesday. We apologize for the delay in addressing this critical error and acknowledge the need to improve our responsiveness in such cases.
    2. Regarding the absence of any mention of the issue in our changelog, this is because the bug was on our platform, not within the WordPress plugin. As a result, we were able to address it instantly without needing to release an update to the plugin. This is why you do not see any reference to it in the changelog, as there was no plugin update required.
    3. Regarding your attempt to post about the issue on our community Facebook page, I want to clarify that your post was not blocked. All posts in our Facebook group are automatically held for review, and due to the weekend, it may not have been reviewed promptly. It was never our intention to suppress any discussions about issues; we prioritize resolving support-related matters through official support channels to ensure your concerns receive the necessary attention.

    I want to emphasize that even one such incident is one too many, and we acknowledge the inconvenience and trust issues it may have caused. We’re committed to making things right and ensure that you have a better experience with SureCart moving forward.

    Your feedback is helping us improve, and we’re here to work with you to regain your trust. If there’s anything specific we can do to address your concerns or assist you further, please feel free to reach out directly. We are dedicated to providing you and all our users with a smoother and more reliable experience moving forward. 

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