• I tried four themes before the main feature, the writing editor, looked decent. Every feature I tried to use had some sort of conflict with plugins or some other issue. Subscription not working; frontend comment feature not working; registration/user sync not working; login doesn’t recognize approved users and prevents them from entering. Contacted support and wait 48-72 hours for an answer. Wrote three times in one week about the same issue and never got a response. I am done with this outfit. Money down the drain. I paid for the Professional version and quite frankly, something that should be awesome based on it’s description, is bottom of the barrel rotten. Thoroughly disgusted.

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  • Plugin Support MM Aurangajeb


    Hello @wrytyr

    I regret to say that you have gone through a bad experience with our plugin. We always try to provide our best effort to our users and try to respond as early as possible, but sometimes it is delayed. We are truly sorry for that.

    When it’s about plugins & themes conflict: it could take place for several reasons, which is tough to make neutral by default. We tried our best to resolve such conflict/situation with extra effort & care for any particular use case if anyone reported.

    So still, if you may need any further assistance from our side. Please feel free to contact us. We are always open to you. 🙂

    Kind Regards.

    @wrytyr I’m about ready to dump it too. It has the most features out of plugins to allow guest posting (amazing feature set actually), but it just seems to break all the time and support is slow as molasses. I will have to go for a less feature packed plugin sadly but at least it might work without breaking every five minutes. Glad I didn’t pay for the Pro version because I assume it isn’t much better based off your review and others. I was so hopeful about this plugin but it looks like I need to abandon it. Been weeks and it’s still broken despite them marking my ticket as resolved. Bummer.

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