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  • Ive got 2 things i need help with:

    1.I set up a blog (more of a cms) for a client. She finds the post page too confusing (yes i know its clean and simple to use, but not for her)
    she is set up as an author.
    I would like to be able to hide (on the post page)the tab “code” (next to “visual”) and some of the sidebar options. (All except the categories/post status and a couple more.)
    Is this possible?

    2.Is it possible to set up different upload folders (for each specific user)so that when they upload images, they are restricted to only their images/folder – not everyone elses? im sure this has something to do with role set up/permissions?

    Any ideas/help would be fantastic! ive banged my head for the last couple days on this.

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  • It is possible to disable the visual view, so i guess if you dig in the core files you’ll find how that is done, and then you could modify it to only sure the visual one instead.

    Again, for the other options that your client doesnt want to see, just find the relevant admin file and comment out the code for the bits you dont need.

    Don’t forget though, that an upgrade these files will be wiped…

    No ideas for the upload question yet, will post again if i come up with something.

    Thanks for the reply, I finally figured out the 1st part of my question in edit-form-advanced.php
    Although I cant hide the “code” tab, now ive discovered that she can’t see the “visual” tab (because shes on old version of safari….
    i found a link for “Editor monkey” plugin BUT his site is down…ugg

    Did you ever find a solution for the user specific folders? I have been searching and have yet to find a solution. Looking to assign a folder for images that is specific to the user that is logged in at the time. Want them to be able to upload images, view images and delete images, but only in specific folder. Let me know if you can help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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