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    I’ve enabled the plugin, enabled the email templates, and enabled webhooks and checked “create coupon code” and in the template I’ve checked “create coupon,” but when I send a test email it still outputs DUMMY-COUPON.

    For a real purchase will it output a real coupon? Is this expected that I receive “DUMMY-COUPON” for a test email even though I have everything enabled correctly?

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    I did not create a webhook in Woocommerce > Settings > Advanced > Webhooks > Add webhook, and then add the webhook in the plugin’s settings webhook field.

    I do not know how to create a webhook, what that does, and have never created one.

    So if that is the missing piece please give me a clear example of how to create one.

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    Hello @benjino

    Thank you for your interest in this plugin.

    You are on the perfect track, for test emails plugin will always send dummy coupon but yes, for real purchase plugin will add usable real coupons in the email.

    Regarding with webhooks, Webhook is just a URL by using it someone can send data for external processes.

    For example, if you need to send abandoned cart data to Zapier, you can
    refer to this video for a better example.

    For cart abandonment plugin, it is not compulsory to enable webhook as this plugin itself sending the emails when email template enabled from Follow-up Emails.

    If you have any question in the future, please feel free to contact us at support.

    Here is support link: https://cartflows.com/support/

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