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Dummies guide to removing www. from domain

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    In your wordpress admin, go to Options>General and remove the “www” from your wordpress address and blog address. I would imagine that is what you are thinking.



    even if you remove the ‘www’ within wordpress, its still part of the domain name.

    Anyone going to your site can use ,nameofdomain.com or they can use www,nameofdomain.com

    both work.

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    both work.

    Not if you’re running WordPress 2.3. Try removing it from the Blog Address. Then go to the www version of your blog. You’ll get redirected to the non-www version.

    Canonical Permalink Redirection: It’s new to 2.3.



    I was more refering to a browser.

    Either url leads to the site.



    Doesn’t work guys! Thanks for trying though.

    http://eyeonthetigers.co.uk just goes to a random page on my server – I assume there’s something I need to do in my server backend, no? I did change the details in WP, but have changed them back again now…



    I believe this is a DNS issue on your site’s server. You have to create a record that points http://<sitename&gt;.com to http://www.<sitename&gt;.com. I have a similar problem on my server, but haven’t figured out how to reconfigure it.

    Read The post from below link to have a proper Guide to add www to yours wordpress Url
    Link – http://scrapur.com/index/wordpress/add-remove-or-redirect-www-to-wordpress-domain-url/

    This is working to me .

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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