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  • Ok, first off, I’m new to all this html stuff.

    Now for the good stuff:

    I am trying to write a store on my website and tried using Wp_ecommerce plugin and had too many bugs to deal with. I then found Dukapress and thought it looked easy enough, but because of it being such a new plugin, there is no support or how tos that are in english i can understand/figure out. Now I’m having trouble even beginning to start a product page. If anyone has any experience please help me.

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  • hey guys! installed dukapress and loving it so far – glad i finally found the plugin i’m looking for (:

    i have a quick question regarding shipping options – how exactly would one go about filling up the “Flat Limit Rate”, “Weight Flat Rate” and “Weight Class Rate” options?

    as far as i can understand, i’d need 2 values for “Flat Limit Rate” – one for the rate, and one for the limit, so how do i go about formatting this into the option field?

    Seitsuki, we wrote this just for you:

    Enjoy 🙂

    masterbassie, could you please give me a link to your site?

    @moshthepit I setup one oft sites to include dukapress

    I was getting this same error one my xampp test site on my computer. Not sure what I have to install to get it to work …. Thanks for your help

    @masterblaise, sorry for not checking back here. Do you still have this problem with the new version of DukaPress?

    the images are working thank you… however a weird thing i noticed was when i add an item to the cart on my order page and then click empty the cart, i am directed back to the homepage.

    is there a way to fix this? i don’t seem to recall this happening before.

    this is the link http://URL/index.php?dpsc_ajax_action=empty_cart

    This may be because of a javascript error somewhere on the theme – and I strongly suspect it is this because I have had to fix themes for small js errors on this very problem

    When I go to post the payment details on the check out page nothing happens. I can clear the shopping cart of items and validate a discount code but Dukapress will not handle the submission of the check out button to the payment processor (Alertpay. Nothing happens at all…?

    @Moshthepit do you have any ideas as to why this might be?

    Is it possible to add a “Add to cart” button to each individual product detail page?

    @daveyc but that is already possible?

    @-q- could you give me a link I see?

    ermm, my grid view isn’t working for some reason. could it be my theme?

    also, on the product pages, the larger images overlap the thumbnails. like this:

    In the grid page, check that:
    1. your category ID is correct
    2. you have type=”duka” in the shortcode ONLY if you used the “products” content type and not normal blog posts to make your products

    As for the images, what happens if you change their sizes using DukaPress settings? Also, you can easily manipulate them further via CSS

    adding type=”duka” worked. thanks!

    changing the sizes under settings only changes the scale and not the position. which CSS file should I edit for this?

    the file is dp-basic.css in the dukapress folder

    if you “inspect element” on that page, you will see that everything has “css hooks” built in so all you need to do is add styling

    this theme: is a good example of how to style things

    thank you for being so helpful. I appreciate it

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 43 total)
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