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  • Ok, first off, I’m new to all this html stuff.

    Now for the good stuff:

    I am trying to write a store on my website and tried using Wp_ecommerce plugin and had too many bugs to deal with. I then found Dukapress and thought it looked easy enough, but because of it being such a new plugin, there is no support or how tos that are in english i can understand/figure out. Now I’m having trouble even beginning to start a product page. If anyone has any experience please help me.

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  • Hey Naylorsbr.

    When DukaPress launched, it wa spretty well documented, please have a look:

    I’m one of the guys who work on DukaPress, please shoot me an questions you may have. I’d be more than happy to personally see to it that your DukaPress powered shop is up asap!

    i read the “Creating A New Product Page” and I am now totally lost. The fact that i actually understood the wp-ecommerce plugin is a miracle to me.

    I don’t understand what the format should look like and what does “fill in the blanks mean.” I am so lost. haha.

    so im playing around with it and i’ve gotten the price, drop down menu, and the name to pop up. But it’s all very out of order. Can someone explain the category code to me.

    [dpsc_grid_display category=”1” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″]

    Like, where I should put it or should i change the numbers in the code in order to make another grid level.

    Please give me the link you’re working off, I can help better that way!

    For this code:
    [dpsc_grid_display category=”1” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″]

    You have to put it in the page that you want the “grid” view to pop up, and then you get the category id and replace this category=”1” – replace the number “1” with your category id (which is a number).

    It will then show all the products that you put in that category in a grid.

    I believe all this would be easier if you installed the DukaPress sample data – you’ll see what we did to make work

    I’m still committed to make your install work

    and this is what i have in the page:

    Mustard Seeds
    [dpsc_display_product category=”1″]
    [dpsc_grid_display category=”1” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″]

    [dpsc_display_product category=”2″]
    [dpsc_grid_display category=”2” total=”13″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″]

    and then, of course I have three custom fields. Two being a price, and one being a drop down menu.

    I am going to try and import the .xml file again. I tried it once but couldn’t find the store in my page archive.

    Hmm a few problems:
    1. This shortcode: [dpsc_display_product category=”1″]
    -It does not go into the page where you want the grid displayed, it goes into the actual product post. i.e. if one of your products is a ball, thats where this goes – it allows the “add to cart”, “price” and images to be seen for each product. You would thus need it it present for each and every product in your store.
    -It also has no variables attached to is, it should just be “[dpsc_display_product]”

    2. This shortcode: [dpsc_grid_display category=”2” total=”13″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″]

    Your use of this is super fine. Just make sure the category id (in your case “2”) is the category in which you filed all the posts that represent your products.

    We updated our documentation covering short codes, perhaps it will be more useful:

    We apologise for our previously shallow documentation. 🙁

    Also, please ensure you have only one DukaPress shortcode inside any one page/post.

    well. I just looked the doc page on for the 20th time and found something i hadn’t read before. Posts. I don’t know why I haven’t noticed it before.

    I’m am starting to get it though. If I understand correctly, the [dpsc_display_product] goes into a post that contains a product, but what should i put in the post to assign a product to a category?

    And no need to apologize, I’m new to all this and am sure someone with more experience would get it right away. I’m just glad your here to answer my questions.

    When you are creating the posts, there is a place to define the category just beneath the “Publish” button.

    Please have a look at this:

    check this out

    I know it has something to do with my theme but do you know how to make the title regular font?

    I’m not sure my man….

    @naylorsbr: In your theme, the css for title is being applied to class title (.title). In DukaPress, the title is inside “p” tag with class title. You can apply a CSS for “p.title”.

    @naylorsbr how did it go?

    i’m having trouble with this plugin – specifically the images. I get the following errors… does anyone have any idea how to fix it? Thanks in advance

    Warning: mime_content_type() [function.mime-content-type]: File or path not found in wp-content/plugins/dukapress/lib/timthumb.php on line 372

    Warning: finfo_file() [function.finfo-file]: File or path not found in wp-content/plugins/dukapress/lib/timthumb.php on line 379

    the paths to the files are good (absolute) paths…. are these functions deprecated? and is there something else in the works?

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