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    Thank you for the great plugin!!

    I’d like to get some help with customize some details in my dukapress shop.

    – Editing the checkout page (changing the fields, adding a picture upload and a textarea)
    – Editing the emails which will be sent out after an order.

    – Adding options (checkbox) to the products

    Post-costs on products:
    – Having different prices for different countries

    Could you please help me. Would be so great!!

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  • Ok… I found the answer for the shipping-problem:

    I’ll buy it, as soon as the other questions are solved.

    Here are answers:
    -At this point in time, editting the checkout page is rather difficult in that you have to edit the code. We’re workign on making this better.
    -This is something we are, in fact, finishing up on and will be releasing soon.
    -What do you mean by adding checkboxes to products?
    -Hmm, this is not possible at this time. 🙁

    I need to insert a simple 2 choice radio regarding delivery in the Checkout Page ( chosing between post office and courier ). Basicly I cannot write in $_POST. Here is what I did:

    In dp-cart.php

    Added on line 16 :
    $PAYMENT_OPTIONS = array ( ‘posta’ => ‘Livrare prin posta’ , ‘curier’ => ‘Livrare prin curier’ );

    Added on line 612 :
    foreach ($PAYMENT_OPTIONS as $xstring => $info) {
    $output .= ‘ <input type=”radio” name=”alegere” value=”‘.$xstring.'” ‘.($xstring == ‘posta’ ? ‘checked’ : ”).’ />’.$info.’

    Added on line 642:
    $livrareradio = $_POST[‘alegere’];

    Added to the $query ( where the db is written ) in line 736 a field called livrare that gets $livraredario. I also added in the mysql database a “livrare” filed so the dabatese takes the value chosen.

    Added a Delivery field in the order log that gets value from ‘livrare’ field but nothing happens.

    Tested if I connected right to the database in this manner
    Modified on line 642:
    $livrareradio = (isset($_POST[‘alegere’])?’da’:’in teste’);

    and the livrare field gets ‘in teste’. And that’s it.
    Basicly I cannot write in $_POST.

    Help me please

    I use dukapress plugins for ecommerce site.

    1. The product image will not shown in product page.

    2. Empty my cart is not working

    3. Make Payment button is not working.

    Please help me to resolve this problems

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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