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    Ok, I have done a search of the forums, and I don’t see a *current* comparison of tagging plugins.

    Can someone who knows tell me the differences between UTG, Jerome’s Keywords (used with the widget for tagclouds) and Bunny’s Technorati plugin, and any others that come to mind? I’m currently running 2.06, just having installed it a couple of days before the upgrade. I don’t know which of these might be outdated or not work, which might be combined, etc. I like the idea of having keywords combined with tags and put in the metatags for SEO, and I want a tag cloud.


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  • I tried Jerome’s Keywords, but switched to UTW because of the zillion options and configurability. Tweaking my tag cloud has become an obsessive pasttime, and I’m terribly vain about it! Har har.

    I researched the keyword issue for a while and found the current thinking is keywords are no longer an important Search Engine optimization. I just use tags and my site returns fairly high on Google. I’d say the Google sitemaps plugin might have something to do with that!

    I can’t say I’ve jumped into Technorati. Like MySpace verses FaceBook, I can’t pursue a dozen exclusive communities — just focus on the biggest one. Technorati seems text-oriented; my site is visual and google images is the best image search (imo).

    Thanks, I really appreciate that! Mine isn’t visual, so that works for me. 🙂

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