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  • Christoph


    A customer complained they couldn’t upload images coming from their image editing department. The upload stopped at 100% and said ‘HTTP Error’. There was no problem with other images. It was not related to the size of the images. I tried it myself and had the same situation.
    I tried a lot of different modifications in photoshop and found out that deleting the properties under FileInfo > Advanced > Dublin Core solved the problem. No more error on upload.
    I also tried the images with dublin core meta information on another WP-installation on the same server and got the same error. I tried them on a different server and there was no error.
    My conclusion is, the error is caused by a combination of the jpg’s dublin core properties and the server configuration.
    Can anyone tell me that there could be a technical explanation to this? Thanks.

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  • esmi


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    Have you spoken to the hosts about this. The ‘HTTP Error’ message is normally caused by a security issue – most commonly a problem with mod_security.

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