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  • This may be a stupid question….BUT, lol.
    Is it possible to install a 2nd WP in it’s own directly like “public directory/test/” for testing purposes and have it use the database of the main WP install? So that it pulls data into it?
    Hmm… thinking about that, not sure why you would want to use the same database…because you’d probably want to do some test posting and you wouldn’t want it to show up on your main install.
    Am I thinking right?

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  • Yes

    You can install a copy of WP into the same db as long as you use a different prefix and a different directory (of course).

    What doe that mean “different prefix”? That you edit the WP config file to reflect a different prefix? How does that relate to the part where you “CREATE DATABASE wordpress;” in mysql? I have two WP installations and I did two different “CREATE DATABASE dbname;” directives, one for each install. I did NOT do anything with a different “prefix” in any of the config files. Do I need to? Perhaps so, because my installations are getting really confused but I thought it was because I had set up virtual hosting incorrectly. Can anyone set me straight on this?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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