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[Resolved] Dual Shipping??

  • CowboyFrank


    Store URL: http://www.labellewinerynh.com/products/
    WordPress version: 3.7.1
    WP e-Commerce version:
    Gold Cart version:
    Theme: (Custom)

    I did this: Set up UPS shipping for most physical items. Turned Flat Rate on for one lightweight item, charging $1. (Because using UPS for one card order – which would cost the price of a postage stamp to mail via USPS – costs $9.24 via UPS Ground, which is ridiculous.)

    I expected WP e-Commerce to do this: Add the $1 flat rate fee for that item into the shipping total for the order.

    Instead it did this: If shoppers buy a gift card AND a jar of jam (for example), they can choose to pay $1 total shipping instead of $1 + the cost to ship the jar of jam.

    Now, I could instead simply disregard shipping for the gift card item (and eat the cost to ship it), but if I do that, the shipping calculator breaks altogether for card-only orders, and the order cannot be completed at all.


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  • CowboyFrank


    Here’s the core of the problem, from the documentation (http://docs.getshopped.org/documentation/ups-shipping/):

    “Ensure that you have not turned the option ‘disregard shipping for this product’ on.”

    Why on earth can’t some products have zero shipping costs?

    Plugin Author Edward


    You can specify specific shipping for a single product


    I would set the special shipping per product as needed




    Edward, I tried that configuration. If I do that, if shoppers buy a gift card plus something else that requires the UPS shipping calculator (like a jar of jam), they can just choose to pay $1 total shipping instead of $1 + the cost to ship the jar of jam.


    Working with Premium Support, we figured out that if you add additional checkout questions for the product’s category (even just a throwaway question, like “Is this purchase a gift?”), the “Disregard Shipping” option for a product no longer fouls up the checkout process.

    Don’t know why that makes a difference, and don’t really care – it works, so it’s good.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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