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  • I want to install wordpress example public_html/wordpress/ and I was hoping there would be a way I can use multiple domains such as, and and so they all work… Right now I can install the wordpress using one of the domains, and then if i point another domain at my install, it works for the index, but when you click anything it automatically goes back to the domain that was used during creation…. I haven’t come to the knowledge or ability to do this, so I was thinking, of installing wordpress 3 times using the same database that way i have can have 3 seperate domains that work fully with the one site :S… I’m sorry I just want the search engines to fully index all my domains instead of just the index of my secondary. :S Sorry if I didn’t explain this properly :S


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  • Do you mean that you want to point different domains to the exactly same content? If that’s what you want, you need to use them as add-on domains. We have two add-ons ( and And they point to the exactly same content.

    You can not connect different installs on different domains to the same database: the basic settings of WP installation and blog display (the two URI values on your Options > General page) are stored in the database. One database = one domain.

    I see, I was hoping there was some sort of hack that removes value for the wordpress domain in the options general page… Maybe make a static domain or something… Someonme must have done this… I two domains that are the same, only difference is .net and .org and I want them both to work for the same site, and both beable to get fully indexed.

    Shouldn’t be too difficult to write a plugin to do that. If I have time I might have a look into it.

    Isn’t this going to pose a “duplicate content” problem for search engines, especially Google?

    Can’t you install in one domain and then just use a 301 permanent redirect from the other domains to that domain that has the WP install on it? am I oversimplifying what you want to achieve?

    I agree with that. The 301 permanent redirect is the way I’d do it too.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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