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  1. jappareti
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello! I'm fairly familiar with WordPress on some level... basic stuff from templates.. I'm digging through the various WordPress Plugins that will let me "columnize" my blog, almost as if 2 blogs in one, yet consolidated to one URL. One object/blog entry on the left side, with the ability to post and reply comments. Then, one object/blog entry on the right side, with the ability to post and reply to comments to it as well. Is this possible?

    I know there is a way to separate categories into different columns, but I'd like it so that the data from the "two" posts is consolidated into one post and creates one URL. i.e. "www.samplesite.com/blog_post_day_1" would display the 2 posts from that day 1 separated in 2 different objects/tables.

    I was thinking I could do it using tables in HTML when I write the post, BUT I want it possible for people to comment on either of the posts. That's where that solution goes out the window... I think..

    Maybe there is an plugin out there that I can't find that makes this possible?

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