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  • Just a couple of weeks ago I set up a site using the dTabs plugin together with the Kubrick Tabs theme (same author, David Burton) to create dropdown menus and it worked great. But then today I had something I wanted to look into on the author site and the author’s site is down! The dTabs plugin and Kubrick Tabs theme are both relatively newly created/updated (mid-Oct 2007), so I was surprised and dismayed to see this!! Does anybody have any additional information? Is the site down permanently or is this a temporary hiccup? If it’s permanently down, it would be SOOOOOOO helpful if someone else would continue the development! I’m reluctant to use these tools on a client site if development is likely to be dropped. Thanks very much to any/all out there who might be able to help or who have additional information! FYI, here’s the site link that is down:

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  • Hi ashiado, I’m having problems with my host/domain registrar at the moment (as in he hasnt renewed my domain) but currently looking for a new one so hopefully things will get sorted out within a couple of weeks 😉

    Hi budoink,

    I like dtabs but it isn’t working for me on 2.3.2. I will buy your domain and host it for you for free if that helps.

    Also, how can I contact you.

    Hi budoink,
    You may remember having a conversation with me a few weeks ago about a problematic behavior in dtabs involving a case where the active tab doesn’t properly get styled as active. Since I can’t get to your site, I can’t see whether you’ve already resolved this. Did you find a fix, or am I on my own to poke at the php code?

    i have a working ugly hack for myself, for now. more elegant solutions welcome. posting in case this helps someone else.

    for me, the name of the tab that wasn’t getting recognized is ‘blog’, so i just added a couple of lines of code.

    if ($current_tab == $tab['name']) {
    $class = 'tabselected';

    // 18jan08 begin hack

    } elseif (($current_tab == 'NULL') && (preg_match('/blog/',$tab['name']))) {
    $class = 'tabselected';

    // end hack

    } else {
    $class = 'tab';

    Hi all, I think I did manage to fix that particular problem lydia. What version of dTabs do you two have installed?

    My domain’s active again now, but my hosting got disabled in the process (d’oh). So I’m currently looking around for a new host. Thanks for your kind offer jdkwebconsulting, but I’ve got a few sites I’m going to have to move so I’m looking for somewhere for them all to live together really.

    Hopefully it should be all sorted by next week anyways.

    Hi, Is there anyway of getting a copy of the latest version of this plugin?

    i’m running v1.0.4.
    what’s current?

    looks like your hosting is still out of commission?
    which means we don’t even have an email address for you…
    do you have somewhere else you can post an ftp file in the meantime?

    Hi Lydia413,

    Do you have v1.0.4 of dtabs working with WordPress 2.3.2? If so would you be willing to provide a copy via FTP until budoink get’s his hosting sorted out?

    It would be very appreciated.


    OK folks, site’s up again. Thanks for your patience, dTabs 1.1 was the last release, let me know whether that solves your problems or not and hopefully we can get everything sorted for the next release 😉


    The site seems to be down again :/
    If anyone needs I’ve put the dtabs 1.1 on my blog
    Hope the original site will come back soon and that the author will keep up his good work to have a dtabs plugin working with the next 2.5 wp release 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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