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    Out of the blue DSIDXpress stopped working on a number of websites on which I have paid IDXpress a licensing fee to supply data. Usually when I have a technical support issue, the support staff is slow to respond and difficult to deal with. Today is no exception.

    My sites stopped showing “custom links” more 3 days ago, which is when I reported the problem to Diverse Solutions. After nagging them for three times a day for three days in a row, I am given this response:

    Hello Will,

    Our Developers are letting me know that we are now using the code “get_home_url()” for reporting what domain the dsIDXPress is registered on. Without that code being used, your website can’t display those listings correctly on the “” page for example.You will need to go in and modify your WordPress websites to have the “get_home_url()” code to return the correct URL’s for your website.

    You can find more information on that code here:

    Let me know when you’re able to complete that task.

    Thank you,

    Unfortunately I have no idea where they want me to put this snippet. In the themes of the websites? When I called tech support, the person who answers the phone has never programmed a WordPress website in an capacity, so he’s clueless. Does anyone else have any idea what they are talking about?

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  • I have no idea what they’re saying either… get_home_url() returns the home URL of the site you’re on.

    Are you trying to call the data between two sites on a network?

    I think so. I have about 100 different domains. Of those domains about a dozen have licensed this product. My primary domain is working fine. The others are broken. Tech support is useless because not one of them can code. The programmers don’t interface well with tech support and I can’t access the programmers.

    But my guess is they want to by-pass their normal verifications and just call the data through my primary site.

    Ahhhh. Okay, that’s … Well, it’s not right.

    See, multisite data is segregated. Site A doesn’t access Site B and so on. The only exception is user data.

    You can use the function switch_to_blog() to switch to your main blog, pull the data, and switch back, but really you shouldn’t be pulling the data between sites.

    I say this having no idea what Dsisxpress is, by the way. Can you link to them?

    Well, tech support sent me running on a wild goose chase. It turns out the issue was a simple plugin conflict with

    I zapped that plugin and my problems disappeared.

    Yes. I was stupid but let me explain why. The plugin only caused a conflict on some of my sites and then only in some places. So it took me a couple of weeks to know there was a problem. By then I had confidence in the new plugins so I didn’t suspect them.

    I’m a bit ticked at Diverse Solutions technical support because they didn’t figure this out and because it took so long chasing in the wrong direction to figure out what happened.

    I’m still looking for a good plugin to handle tabs. Originally I’d written my own code, but I wasn’t delighted with how that looked so I started experimenting with plugins. I really like but it only functions reliably on the primary site. I have no idea why and I’ve not gotten an responses from posts elsewhere about this problem.

    Heh, you weren’t stupid! You can’t know what you don’t know, and if they don’t know you’re using the other plugin, they can’t know either.

    It’s all a learning experience.

    Any good suggestions for tabs that will work in MU?

    Did you ever find a suitable solution?

    I recently installed WP-UI and it caused problems with my dsIDXpress login items (moved the modal to the top right off the visible screen. I like the features, but can’t have the feature on if it affects the main purpose of the site.

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