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  • I’m done. I’m sick of Drupal. After testing WordPress extensively over the last couple of months, I’ve decided to has all of the functionality that I’m looking for in a web CMS. I’ve spent the last week looking for way that I can transfer data from one to the other, but all of the articles I’ve read have been very old and deal with much older versions of both WP and Drupal. I’m not looking to pull everything from my original Drupal site. I just want the blog posts. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

    If not, I’ve pulled all of my data (post id, date, title, content, user, etc…) into a simple spreadsheet. I’m sure there’s a way to push it into my WP database, but I’m not exactly sure where or how to start.


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  • I’ve only tested this plugin for a handful of posts but it seems pretty straight forward.

    Since you already have the data in a spreadsheet, if you save it as an csv in the format that the plugin is looking for you should be able to just import it and let the plugin do the rest.

    You may want to take a look at this Drupal 6 to WordPress 3 free Java program

    It just seems to me this would be a common thing for some people to do. WP seems to have a fair amount of other CMS systems built in to transfer from. Why not Drupal?

    I also couldn’t find any simple tools available so ending up making my own migration utility. Since others are having similar problems, I decided to release it for public use.

    You can grab it here: Drupal to WordPress Migration Tool

    It supports migrating content from Drupal 6 to WordPress 3.5 but I’m planning to add Drupal 7 support soon.

    Keep in mind that it’s currently optimized for my typical Drupal set-up. It does what I need just fine but I’m not sure how well it will work with other Drupal installations. Still, I think it should get you most of the way and you can always tweak it if necessary. The code is in PHP so should work in most MySQL and PHP hosting environments.

    It would be great if anyone who does end up using it could send me feedback on how to improve it. I figure that I should get the Drupal 6 export working pretty well first before moving over to Drupal 7.



    @anothercoffee, thanks for your post. Does your code migrate Drupal forums e.g. to bbPress?

    @nothroughroad, not yet. At the moment the code only converts Drupal nodes into WordPress pages or posts. It’s still early days for the utility so I haven’t done any work supporting anything other than a basic installation.

    Forum migration seems to be a common request though so I’ll definitely add it to the list of upcoming features.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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