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  • Hi all.

    I’m looking for a very reliable tool and/or service to Migrate a Drupal 7 site to WordPress 4?

    I have a site with about a dozen content types, 25 views, 450 pages, 100 people, 0 comments, and a custom theme. I see some very cheap tools to handle this, but they don’t support themes or views for example, and many have negative reviews.

    I’m looking to migrate to an existing WordPress site if it matters.

    Really mostly looking to hear from the people that used this type of tool/service, not vendors.



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  • I would be interested to know if something like this exists, but I doubt there is a way to cover everything.

    Content types are relatively straightforward unless there’s some special fields that mightn’t translate easily to WP. But again you need to declare a custom post type in code (though I believe there’s some plugins that provide the functionality to do this in the backend like in Drupal). For extra fields, the Advanced Custom Fields plugin is excellent. To move the data from Drupal to WP I’d be inclined to export and import a CSV. WP All Import is great for the importing into WP side of this.

    The thing about Drupal Views is that they are built in the backend – whereas in WordPress you would need to code a template yourself calling in all your fields. I can’t think of a way you could convert Views to WP templates automatically and cleanly but would be glad to be proven wrong!

    Could you provide a link to your site? That might give us a better idea of how easy or difficult your theme might be to convert. But again I doubt you’ll be able to do this automatically.

    Jason King


    Be prepared for frustration. I’ve been trying to do an import and it’s not been much fun so far.

    The plugins I tried either imported partial data, older versions of pages, or were just trial plugins advertising companies’ paid-for services.

    This plugin gave me the best result so far: Drupal 2 WordPress but the import was only partial.

    If you’re a real whiz with MySQL and inner joins, then you could probably export the data neatly, then use @doubleedesign suggestion to import it into WordPress. But how well do you know Drupal’s database structure?

    I’m going to try this Drupal module next – – because it seems like it might be easier to create Views then export them as CSV.

    I don’t see how there could possibly be a way to transfer your theme. You’d need to recode it to include WordPress template tags etc – although I’m sure you could re-use a lot of the html and CSS.

    Jason King


    Thanks for the responses everyone.

    Jason, and anyone else that has been through this, if you have the bandwidth over the next several weeks, and are able to assist, I’d like to use someone with more experience than I. I’ve been doing Drupal for 9 years, but I don’t have much experience with WP.

    The site is

    So, if I understand correctly, what we call Views in Drupal doesn’t really have a plugin for WordPress, and we’d need to write the dB queries in PHP? Seems like this plugin could work, but I’d love to get feedback:



    Jason King


    @webdrips unfortunately the forum rules only permit volunteers to help here, not outside the forums.

    Frankly I’ve had little success and if that module to export Drupal Views doesn’t do the job, I’m resorting to copy, paste, repeat into WordPress.

    In WordPress we can create custom post types, custom fields and taxonomies to enable types of content other than just vanilla posts and pages. The database structure for that is very different from Drupal’s nodes, views, nubbins, fandangles and whatever else: I don’t pretend to understand it.

    Your theme looks fairly straightforward, but you would need someone to take the design, HTML, CSS, and JS and turn it into a WordPress theme. You wouldn’t be able to automate it.

    Also looking into this w/ some WP experience, possible plug-ins:

    There are no doubt more plug-ins that do something related.

    The only too to use is

    Weird that nobody knows it ?

    Looks good, thanks!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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