Drupal 4.5 v WordPress 1.5: Some observations (2 posts)

  1. xand
    Posted 10 years ago #

    My site ( http://www.symplification.com ) is currently running on drupal 4.5.3.

    I wanted to upgrade, and was waiting for the drupal 4.7 code freeze, (to retheme in phptemplate, and other things) but I got bored, so I wondered if I should consider trying another blogging platform. I selected wordpress, because of it's immense popularity.

    Unfortunately, the experiment did not go well. This does not mean that wordpress is worse than drupal, just that wordpress is worse than drupal for my site. This was what I found:

    1. Non-trivial to have a navigation system similar to drupal's book. There is an alternative, involving pages and javascript "jump to" ( http://www.urbangiraffe.com/2005/03/13/jumpto/ ), but this is non-ideal. It might be possible to hack this in, however; and there are some themes/plugins which do a simplified version, (http://robm.me.uk/projects/plugins/wordpress/list-subpages/ ) and actually urlgreyhot has a method to do this ( http://urlgreyhot.com/personal/taxonomy/term/326 ).

    2. No support for specifying the permalink for a particular page/post. I needed this because of my existing site structure. I was comfortable with using a new structure for future posts, but making older posts link correctly was important.

    3. Due to the way wordpress works, relative urls will not work as well. Drupal does it in a manner which is more efficient (albeit logically wrong). For example, in http://www.symplification.com/n7610/review , the link "images/file.jpg" to the image works, even though the actual image is at http://www.symplification.com/images/file.jpg and not http://www.symplification.com/n7610/review/images/file.jpg.

    4. WordPress search, while excellent, does not search static pages by default. I have no idea how to change this.


    Once I ascertained these things, I stopped the expriment. My question is - am I right?

  2. xand
    Posted 10 years ago #


    I had searched http://www.wp-plugins.net/, but the codex is turning out to be alot more useful.

    I've found relevant plugins for:

    1. http://www.adsworth.info/wp-pagesnav

    4. http://randomfrequency.net/wordpress/search-pages/

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