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  • Hi All
    I am happy to announce that L10N of WordPress for Hindi is complete. I have put up a small demo site at
    There are still some bugs in this. I hope to get help from here in resolving them

    1. 1. Calendar is not working at all. Please see –
    2. 2. Horizontal menu in admin interface is not showing up correctly due to bigger default font size in Hindi. Please see –
    3. 3. This is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE – I am getting an error when ever I login into admin interface. Please see a screen shot at –
    4. 4. Certain strings though translated in the po file are still showing in English.

    I have put up a small link for hi.po in the wiki. Since I was unable to copy text containing Hindi chars in wiki. It is pointing to a external link.
    Any help on any of the issues is greatly appreciated.

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  • Great job Pankaj!
    I hope your issues will be resolved soon, have seen them around for a while now.

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    I just resolved number 1 in CVS. See the new POT file. The source changes are to locale.php and template-functions-general.php.
    I’m not sure about 2.
    3. When you view page source, what is on line 155? What is the English version of that line?
    4. Which strings?

    Great Job Pankaj!
    Although I’m still struggling with getting the Hindi IME to work in non-MS applications, I’m hopeful. 🙂

    Good thinking Amit.Now I need to find some opensource unicode hindi font now.

    Yeah & then you’ll need a tool to convert that font to EOT. I looked it up quite a while ago & came across a tool on Microsoft’s website(was FREE then). I’ll look it up again if I find it, I’ll post the link here.

    EOT is not supported on all browsers afaik… 🙁

    Yeah, there’s a problem when you try to use custom fonts in HTML. EOT is supported in IE6 only. There’s another format for Netscape & though it was in CSS2 specification, it was not widely implemented. Opera don’t support it completely.
    So whenever someone need to use a custom font, they make it either images or Flash/Shockwave movies.
    So if Pankaj wants to localise WordPress in Hindi, the viewer base will be restricted to IE6 which still is quite less in India.
    So I think that this is all a waste of time, unless you do a front-end in Flash so that users can view the Blog, leave the admin panel in English or make it in Flash either.
    Or you can generate PDF files & use PDF forms to fill in the fields & make posts etc.

    So if Pankaj wants to localise WordPress in Hindi, the viewer base will be restricted to IE6 which still is quite less in India.
    Indians are very up to date when it comes to pirated software. And believe me, anyone who is doing blogging would have a recent windows OS version with him… :p

    I am translating WP to Hindi in the classical sense of OSS – to scratch an itch. I needed something to blog in Hindi and earlier MT fit the bill so did L10N for that. And now I am doing this for WP for the same reason. There is somewhat moderate interest in blogging in Hindi. First few hindi bloggers blogs at
    as a group blog. Every one has their personal hindi blog also.

    that is something I didn’t know. But again, the problem is same with those Blogs. They expect the user to have a Hindi font installed on the machine. This is something you can’t/shouldn’t expect. I hope that you can go around this.

    One thing I would like to point is that no matter what utf-8 is the way to go. Encoding your text in utf-8 makes it accessible in a standardized manner to everybody. And having just one hindi font which is also a unicode font would solve the problem.

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Requiring a UTF-8 encoded font is reasonable. Everything else leads to madness. Embedded fonts are really a no go. You have EOT versus PFR, increased download times, and other annoyances. Simply directing visitors to for Hindi font resources seems to be a popular solution among Hindi sites. That’s simple and good enough, I think.

    Alok Kumar, the guy who runs this site has the credit of starting first hindi blog and has often been called One Man Army 😀
    Ryan, about UTF-8 I couldn’t have said better. What is even nicer is ability of search engines to index utf-8 encoded sites. I often use google to search some of my earlier enteries 😉
    I did took notice of your message about resolving Issue 1 about Calendar. I have been waiting for a new nightly since then. Looks like I will have to do a cvs update finally..,

    I don’t want to bring down the enthousiasm about this, but shouldn’t a translation be considered complete only once WP1.2 is dimmed final, and the accompagnying, definitive WP1.2 POT is released ?
    Thus far, every new POT release brings a lot of changes to make to the POs, and I’m pretty confident the final 1.2 POT will bring its lot.

    Which brings me to something I already raised, and I think I have the answer : when will “Project-Id-Version:” be properly filled in the POT ? I suppose when WP1.2 is final. This would be most useful to synchronize test blogs : the right POT file with the right CVS version…

    Also, that brings another point : starting with WP1.2 finale, will every future WP release have its own PO files ? i.e., WP1.2 would have its hi.po 1.2, fr.po 1.2, es.po 1.2, etc., while WP1.3 will have its own hi.po 1.3, fr.po 1.3 and so forth ? Haven’t researched the matter yet, I’m just wondering out loud… That would need a renaming of some Wiki pages, among other things 🙂

    The fr.po is being updated according to the latest POT as you read this, and should be put on the wiki tonight or tomorrow. Yay for Gettext 🙂

    Just getting those 619 strings done was a big thing for me. I agree it can not be considered fully compliant and done right now.

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