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  • Just look at the backtrack on the name to see how a vanity project/power grab turned into a disaster. (Don’t mention the G word!) Forcing people to Flexbox when it doesn’t work on a lot of current browsers is unforgivable, especially seeing as WP represent ~20% of the web (if stats are to be believed). There’s a certain arrogance to the web at the moment that is just not very nice, all pushy and that.

    Most of the [small business/hobbyist/non-technical] users will not have a clue how to fix a site borked by an autoupdate when this bad boy kicks in, or generate a cost to do so. That’s before they get forced into a learning curve where the default is 400% long pages for 3 short paragraphs of text – with as much space as you can randomise between – because you didn’t place your image THEN float it left – you foolishly put in between paragraph 2 and 3, I mean duh! /s

    My own framework needed attention instantly, as did every site that’s ever touched it, the second you try and edit it, as did every client that found it. Fair enough I don’t mind change, but I’m a power user, developing and integrating, etc. I would rather have Christmas off, but no, let’s rewrite these websites I’ve just finished because someone wants to own WordPress (small P intended, forced into using uppercase p by this non-g editor lol!).

    Sure, it cost me enough people hours to put it right, that’s a risk I chose to take, but some people won’t be that fortunate. Sole traders – like artists, makers etc – will just have to suffer a broke website for 6 months when they are too broke to fix it and their broke website makes them even more broke. It’s broke.

    One simple change, like adding a compatibility mode that omits flexbox and retains the old markup, so Internet Explorer dinosaurs can use it and it might have got a bit more love. That’s all it needed really. I’m over it now, but that work spike sure made me want to distance myself a bit more from WordPress!

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  • Hi @johnlewisdesign,

    I’m sorry that this change was so disastrous for you and your websites.
    Myself I have no opinion on that matter yet but I came to this place to have a look at the reviews of the WooCommerce Blocks / WOOtenberg Plugin.
    I guess your review was posted to the wrong place in the wordpress support forum and is now harming this plugin’s rating, although it’s meant for the Gutenberg Editor.

    Maybe there’s a way for you to move your review over to a better fitting place somewhere in this forum?

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