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  • Hello all, First time poster and very new user to WordPress. I bought the GAIA theme from Themeforest and when I posted this morning, everything looked fine. I am having two problems:

    Site in question:

    1)I am having trouble with the sidebar dropping on the homepage and my second post. It seems to be fine on the other pages. I tried to validate my pages but came back with an error message that my site cannot be read. I don’t know enough about this validation process even if I found a mistake as to how to fix the errors. Is there a website/video tutorials to view to help me?

    2) I am having trouble saving changes. When I save the page, it eliminates almost all of the code. It is inconsistent as to how much code it will take but I have resorted to copy/pasting the code back in. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. The last attempt I tried to copy/paste over 30 times and it didn’t stick. I’ve tried to make a new post (didn’t work), copy code into the site again with the code that remained (didn’t work, paste html coding (didn’t work) and paste text. (didn’t work!). I am so frustrated! The quick backdrop here is that I have an old blog on blogger and am trying to copy/paste my old blog postings into a new blog that I have on wordpress.

    3) Is there a “simple” way to change the fonts (ie paragraph, header, etc?) Do I have to go into the style sheets?

    This is seriously frustrating! 🙁 I am not stupid and pretty smart with computers but this makes me feel dumb. Things don’t inherently make sense and I think that is maddening to me. I just want to put the site in Dreamweaver and fix it but I know I can’t. I appreciate any help out there!! Thank you so much!

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  • Your sidebar is where it should be, you have content in the top of the sidebar which pushes the other widgets down, but perhaps I’m not sure what you mean.

    Are you aware of the html tab on the post editing screen? that’s the tab to select when using code, you may have been using the visual editor. I’m not sure what you mean by “didn’t work”

    Your theme’s style is always css, but some themes have admin settings for some of the style.

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