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    Just two quick questions.

    When I set up my site, I unwittingly installed WP when the site had the PHPBB service enabled. Since I have no plans to use it, I shut the service off at the server level. No problem so far. However, the database still has a fair number of PHPBB tables in it, which I suspect are costing me at least a little performance. Is there any problem with dropping these tables from the DB?

    I’m seeing a report on the footer claiming an SQL query error, even though a): The pages all resolve fine and b): the MySQL panels do not report any errors. I’ve done a check of the DB… all tables… from the MySQL Control panel… and they all seem fine. My first thought was a leftover issue with the WP-CACHE plugin that wasn’t working out for me, (long story) but I’m not sure. (I’ve since disabled the cache plugin… and no, enabling it doesn’t make the problem go away) Anyone ever seen this? Any ideas?

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  • 1. If you have no plans for phpBB, then of course not. It’s doubtful slightly populated tables are creating a performance hit, but you know what they say about cleaniness…

    2. Without knowing the actual error all is speculation. With that in mind, one possible culprit is a plugin outputting something through the wp_footer() template hook.

    1: Well, yeah, that made sense, but I wasn’t totally sure if there was a hook there, or not, and it made sense to ask before pulling them. Thanks.

    2: Well, knowing the actual error is the issue, isn’t it? (Wry smile) I did manage to get rid of the error incidental to a cleanup I’ve been doing the last few days, but I honestly don’t know what was causing it. Even the database wasn’t saying. (Shrug) Oh, well… thanks for the help, anyway… it’s appreciated.

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