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  • Pastor Walt Mayhew


    My site is a bible reading site that offers numerous plans to select from. The daily reading program uses PHP to present the reading. At the bottom of the reading I’ve I’ve set up a link that the reader can click on to receive the reading via email. The URL contains the user’s id and reading plan as arguments so that when clicked I can in the receiving page update the table that is used to present the daily readings to indicate email delivery has been requested.

    I used the PHP code below to set up the link.

    echo '<center><p><a>Click here to have this daily reading sent by email beginning tomorrow.</a></p></center>';

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    The link appear wonderfully and kicks off the wordpress page as desired.

    The receiving page’s PHP code uses $_GET to read the variables


    I was getting a not found condition in the reading plan table which should never happen. So, I put in echos to see the content of the arguments passed.

    When I echo the variables back, the @ in the email address has been stripped out of the variable $u1.

    What do I need to do to fix this?

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