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  • Hello All!

    I need some help coding a drop line menu. This is my first go at this (I usually just go with what the theme has to offer – but I created this theme from a PSD using Starkers as my base)

    I have the proper code installed so that I can manage my menu contents through the admin panel, and the css so far has resulted in the correct effect when the main menu item is selected. The problem is that the .sub-menu ul li lists are not appearing.

    I have the color set to a contrasting color, have attempted to modify the z-index of the text, the background appears the way I want it to, but i just have not been able to get the list to apear.

    Been working on this for about a week, was about to quit trying to do it all together until I remembered that the best part of WP is the community of support.

    -only other thing i can think of is if instead of specifying the child of a parent element, if i should start by selecting the child with “specific parent element” …. either way… i’m at my wit’s end….

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

    the site can be found in it’s dev environment at:

    Thanks a Billion!

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