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  • so, here’s my problem:
    i use the twenty eleven theme with drop down menu and want my site to work on tablets, too. I could not verify on iPad, but the dropdown menus do NOT work properly on samsung android tablets (although I do use the wptouch plugin).

    my website:
    problem: dropdown menu can be seen, but the links cannot be accessed.

    i am new to wordpress (having used dinosaur software frontpage before) and apologize if my questions or problems are trivial – I could not find a user-friendly answer anywhere by just searching the net.

    i would really appreciate any help or suggestions…!

    thanks a lot.

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  • is there really nobody in this forum who knows something about this problem and how it can be solved?

    Hy, i have the same problem also with twenty twelve. Have you found a solution?

    Hi guys, I wrote a plugin which handles stuff like this. It’s still in progress but works on several devices already.

    You can download it here.

    Using Twenty Twelve theme/WP 3.5.1. Drop down sub menus don’t seem to work on Android tablet devices, can’t access submenus. Can anyone explain?

    This isn’t a specific wordpress issue, its the same for any dropdown menu that has a link attached to the dropdown trigger – It’s a quirk of android specifically – the link in the top of the menu opens as you tap – obviously there’s no hover state as on a desktop device and unlike ios, you don’t get a double tap option – if you hold down your finger on the menu you want to open you get a little dialog box pop up in android – this gives enough time for the dropdown to open without opening the link from the top item, so it’s not that the dropdown dosn’t work, just that the trigger for the dropdown can’t have a link attached to it. It woks differently in chrome on ios (double tap) so its an android issue – not a chrome issue.

    There’s got to be a workaround for it – I’ve heard someone mention using HoverIntent instead of OnMouseOver for example.

    The problem with wordpress is it’s hard to construct an automatically generated menu that doesn’t have a link attached to the dropdown the menu item triggers, the only way is to build the menu manually without top level inks in the menu bar and add php to the content of each dropdown to generate the links automatically.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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