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    Hello all. So, I’m working on a website using wordpress and creating a menu structure using the built in menus management system. That all works fine, however when I create a dropdown menu using the custom links, placing the number sign as the URL, and whatever my navigation label is, then put a menu item under said custom link, making that link under that custom link a nested menu idem. That works fine. However, when I log out and look at the site, there’s the link to the dropdown menu that supposedly is nonclickable, which it is, but does not expand the dropdown menu. Then there’s a button that when pressed, would do exactly what it claims it would do, but not labeled. I would like to have it to where I can name that dropdown menu button to whatever I want and have that do it’s thing and the link, gone. Otherwise, it’s just intuitive for screenreader users, like myself to tab twice as much past that link, (which does nothing) to land on that dropdown menu. I would love for this to have support if there isn’t already. I’m using the default wordpress 2021 theme and don’t have any plugins installed, and using version 5.8 of wordpress. If anyone can help out with this, would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I’m sorry but there is currently not a way for users to name the sub-menu toggle button. It is possible to custom code something that would add names or alter the menu HTML as you wish. Hardcoding a name isn’t too complicated, but collecting such names from users through the menu admin screen would get pretty involved.

    The 2021 theme adds the button through the ‘walker_nav_menu_start_el’ filter hook. The theme’s callback can be replaced, or its output modified. The applicable source code is in the theme’s /inc/menu-functions.php file.

    I don’t see this issue, maybe it got fixed.

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