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  • thestorymonger


    Recently I noticed that the comments on my website,, were suddenly blown up to mega-size. Not only does it take up a lot of space in the screen, but it looks terrible. I then noticed that the drop-down menus had the same problem, as well as my “Recent Blatherings” widget on the right-hand side of the screen, and even the drop-down menus on my WordPress dashboard bar on the top of the screen. It’s like somebody went wild with padding.

    But here’s the weird thing: I’m only having this problem on the home page and recent posts. On older posts and pages, the menus, comments, and widgets are fine.

    I’ve Googled the snot out of Google trying to figure this thing out, and it’s about to drive me nutsy. I’ve disabled plugins, updated everything, and done all of the recommended stuff, so I’m absolutely stumped. If anyone could take a look at this and give me some advice, I’d be hugely grateful

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  • Pioneer Web Design


    Have you tried the ‘ctl + 0’ keyboard key combination when viewing each page? If a Mac try ‘Command + 0’. (These are default modern browser ZOOM keyboard shortcuts)



    It’s not a viewing problem… Everything else is normal. It’s just the comments, menus, and widgets that are messed up.

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