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Dropdown menu problems

  • I’ve got several WordPress web sites using different themes that occasionally exhibit strange behavior when you click on them. The sites will work fine, then one day you click on a dropdown menu link, the URL displays the correct custom link, but the website simply reloads the home page, or whatever page on the sites you were currently on. I am running the sites on Windows Server 2008R2 with IIS7.

    If I login to manage the WordPress, select Settings/Permalinks, then click ‘Save Changes’, the dropdown menu links will work. Then if I start another broswer on a different computer, go to the problem site, click on a dropdown link, odds are it will not work. If I save changes again under permalinks it them works. The permalinks are set to ‘Post name’.

    Also, if I open the ‘web.config’ file and save it the links will work. But only for a while, then after some amount of time the links will fail again. Or not work on some other computers browser.

    An example is one site at http://www.membymaryanne.com. This is becoming quite frustrating so I hope someone has a clue. Thanks in advance.

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