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    First I want to say I am newbie and everything I know and understand when looking at CSS comes from the last week of trying to get WordPress to work for me.

    Any advice you give me (for which I am extremely thankful) – should assume I know nothing, so if you are suggesting fixes, please pretend you are explaining them to your grandma.

    I am not the only person with this problem but nothing I read seems to show a fix, and nobody who fixes it seems to come back around to say how they fixed it. We can not pay the $200 or similar to upgrade to the paid theme and get support directly from Pagelines forum so I am trying here. I hope that is not considered tacky. If so, I apologize.

    I am using the “platform” free template from pagelines. The site in development stage is

    The dropdown menus disappear on your way down with your cursor, sometimes. This appears as “flickering” or jumpiness. Not in IE. I think there is some kind of fix in place for IE that essentially breaks things in firefox and chrome. Just a theory You are more likely to see this if you zoom in on the browser because the area that creates a problem if your cursor hits it is only a small number of pixels, maybe 1. Again, – try any dropdown menu.

    The diagnosis I have done by using the “inspect” function in Firefox and causing the problem in slow motion is this:
    -when your cursor moves from the main nav down toward the dropdowns, the problem arises when it hits an area called div#nav_row.main_nav.fix along the way. Again, this only happens at higher-level zooms on Firefox and Chrome.

    When you hit this area and continue downward, your connection to menu navigation has been broken and you end up in div.mcolumn-pad with the dropdown having disappeared.

    The dropdowns are already position: relative with a z-index of 28.

    I have really not changed anything. On the pagelines forum the main thing the experts say when somebody has this problem is, disable all your plugins and see if that fixes it and if so bring them back one by one.

    I have done this and it didn’t help.

    Thank you!


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  • I have the paid version running and I have the same issue on IE, Firefox and Safari…those are the ones I have tried. Anybody have a resolution? You can spend several seconds trying to navigate down the dropdown menus and it looks very unprofessional.

    Hi ttavelli,

    I posted the solution I figured out on this other thread, about the sixth message down.It is one line of code that adds 3 pixels to the bottom of every menu box which “covers the gap” that causes the person browsing to drop the menus.
    You can see the menus working at

    I know nothing about code and only taught myself enough to figure this out when I couldn’t find the answer another way including from expert forums – just saying that so you know I’ll be useless 🙂 if you have follow-up questions.

    Hope that helps,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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