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  • I set up a dropdown menu on one of the menu items called “resources” but when I click on another menu item like “about” or “sponsors” in IE, it pops up quickly and then disappears. Unfortunately it is not a feature. :-). This popping up does not seem to occur in Firefox or Chrome. This issue also occurred in WP 3.3.

    website is

    Any suggestions for tools on how one might track this down would be helpful.

    I am relatively newbie, so any help is appreciated.

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  • It might have to do with display:none;. I think IE has trouble with this sometimes.

    One solution might be to use something like left:9999;. This will tell IE to make sure it’s off the page when displaying. Then, on hover of the main nav, you bring it back to left:0;.

    So, on the hover element of the <ul>, try replacing your display none to a left declaration.

    Hi Josh,
    Are you referring to the line:
    <ul class=”children” style=”left: 241 px; display: none; visibility: hidden:”>

    If so, I am having trouble finding the class=”children” in the template files. I looked through functions.php, the style sheets, index.php, indexHeader.php, pageHeader.php, etc. and no “children” class was found. Sure is a mystery!

    Any ideas on finding how I can find this class=”children” ?

    It’s an inline style. Which means it’s not included in any of the stylesheets.

    How are you inserting the dropdown menu? Where is the code for that?

    To add the dropdown menu, I inserted the dropdown menu through the Menus area under Appearance. I set up the navigation menu where the Resources page is the parent and then other pages became children under that page. I was searching for “children” through all the PHP files that were/are available in my wordpress editor, but now maybe need to look on the server.

    same files on the server as in wordpress. Could it be jquery files that I need to look at?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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