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  1. skippywp
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I set up a dropdown menu on one of the menu items called "resources" but when I click on another menu item like "about" or "sponsors" in IE, it pops up quickly and then disappears. Unfortunately it is not a feature. :-). This popping up does not seem to occur in Firefox or Chrome. This issue also occurred in WP 3.3.

    website is http://boc.marketingoutloud.com

    Any suggestions for tools on how one might track this down would be helpful.

    I am relatively newbie, so any help is appreciated.

  2. It might have to do with display:none;. I think IE has trouble with this sometimes.

    One solution might be to use something like left:9999;. This will tell IE to make sure it's off the page when displaying. Then, on hover of the main nav, you bring it back to left:0;.

    So, on the hover element of the <ul>, try replacing your display none to a left declaration.

  3. skippywp
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Josh,
    Are you referring to the line:
    <ul class="children" style="left: 241 px; display: none; visibility: hidden:">

    If so, I am having trouble finding the class="children" in the template files. I looked through functions.php, the style sheets, index.php, indexHeader.php, pageHeader.php, etc. and no "children" class was found. Sure is a mystery!

    Any ideas on finding how I can find this class="children" ?

  4. It's an inline style. Which means it's not included in any of the stylesheets.

    How are you inserting the dropdown menu? Where is the code for that?

  5. skippywp
    Posted 4 years ago #

    To add the dropdown menu, I inserted the dropdown menu through the Menus area under Appearance. I set up the navigation menu where the Resources page is the parent and then other pages became children under that page. I was searching for "children" through all the PHP files that were/are available in my wordpress editor, but now maybe need to look on the server.

  6. skippywp
    Posted 4 years ago #

    same files on the server as in wordpress. Could it be jquery files that I need to look at?

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