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    I recently downloaded the jQuery responsive select menu for my site (which has a book lite theme) and I filled in the “Menu Container(s) Class / ID” box with two classes: .main-navigation and .main-small-navigation. The plugin’s select menu completely works when I narrow my window to 800px width, which is what I set maximum width to. However, when I narrow in the window a few more hundred px, my theme’s crappy default small navigation menu comes up again and replaces the plugin’s select menu. I feel like the problem is about me not putting in all the necessary classes in the Menu Container Class box in the settings. I’ve tried each of the following classes to see if it would fix it, but none of them did: .site-navigation, #masthead, .menu-toggle, Could someone tell me how I can get the plugin’s select menu to stay there, no matter how narrow my browser window gets?

    Here’s a link to my site:

    As you can probably tell, I’m a wordpress/css/php newbie so I greatly appreciate the help.

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  • Plugin Author Mickey Kay


    Hi there,

    Glad to help. It looks to me like your theme has mobile navigation built in, so in truth you really don’t need my plugin 🙂

    With that in mind, it looks like your theme has some responsive CSS of its own that hides and shows the regular/mobile nav at various widths. This CSS will therefor also show/hide the appended select menu (note that it appears again when you click the theme generated mobile menu “Menu” button).

    In any case, you can either:
    1. Remove the plugin – the theme CSS should work find on its own, or
    2. Add some custom CSS to override the theme CSS

    Hope this helps!
    – Mickey

    Thank you Mickey for your help. I realize that the current menu is already responsive, but the responsive menu built in to this theme is horrible. As you can see, the “movie clips” link can barely be clicked because its clickability is being blocked by the header title. So, if I add any more pages to my site, they won’t be able to be clicked at all in the responsive drop down menu. I’ve already had to do a bunch of CSS to make the current responsive menu somewhat more viewable and clickable. Do you have any ideas to how I could make the theme’s responsive menu be able to dropdown (with full clickability) over the header title when you click on the “Menu” button? I’m sorry about this confusion, I’ve been working on this dilemma for weeks and it’s driving me crazy. Thank you again for your help and response.

    Ok I figured out how to change the css for the theme’s responsive nav. Thank you for your help!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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