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  • I had a random Flash question that I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to fix it!

    I have a Flash movie in my page: www. and a
    javascript drop down menu that is disappearing underneath it (in IE, works fine in any other browser).

    This is where it’s interesting… I’m building the site using a content
    management system – WordPress. To embed the swf I am using pb-embedflash and am passing in the wmode transparent.

       echo pb_embedFlash_plugin('[flash w=1000 h=300 p={wmode;transparent}]');

    Originally I thought z-index would solve my problems, but giving the nav div class a higher z-index doesn’t seem to work. Right now the nav is set to 100 and the flash content to 0.

    I’m not sure if my woes are because the wmode is not translating properly to the plugin…

    If you have any insight, I would love to hear it!! I’m so stuck right now!

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  • Using wmode=transparent is very buggy in all browsers. It should pass the parameter correctly, but pb-embedFlash cannot correct the different interpretations in the browsers. Sometimes it looks fine in Firefox, but not in IE. Sometimes it’s vice versa.

    Therefore I cannot give support as long as wmode=transparent is uses, sorry.

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