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dropdown css tweaks needed

  • hi guys
    ive managed to get my dropdown child pages to show by adding:

    #menu .ddsmoothmenu li:hover ul {
     visibility: visible;
     display: block;
     top: 20px;

    however, the dropdown menu appears too tight underneath the main menu parent page button ‘Accident Claim Types’ which makes the text in the button ‘bold’ when i hover over the child pages, i have tweaked the above css by adding top: 25px; which DOES remedy this but then the child pages dont appear smoothly and the hover effect doesn’t work

    can any css experts see where i’m going wrong, it’s literally a couple of pixels worth of editing


    [Please continue in your existing thread on this issue:
    http://wordpress.org/support/topic/dropdown-menu-not-dropping-down-to-show-child-pages?replies=10 ]

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