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  • The last days I noticed some weird behavior in one of my WP installations. I use the Extended Categories widget because when using the dropdown for categories it also displays child-categories. Last week I noticed that the dropdown doesn’t work. When I choose a category, the default permalink is used (not the pretty one that I use) and the url changes, but the index appears. When I turn the dropdown in a list, the widget uses the correct permalink and everything works. When I change back to dropdown, the correct permalink is used and everything works, but then when I check again later, the incorrect permalink (that is to say, even with the default permalink it should work, right?) is used again and the problem reappears. Of course I only think to check when at work, so I can only try IE6. I have no idea where to look for the problem. The same thing occurs with the default category widget using dropdowns and this is the only installation in which this occurs (the only one in which I have the Extended Widget Plugin installed too). The only thing I can think off is some conflict between the widget and WP Super Cache (permalinks change when a cached page expires or something, but clear WP cache makes no difference, everything keeps working just fine. I just don’t know anything else that could cause the permalinks to change after a while).
    Ideas anyone?
    (I’ve just been meddling with it, so everything seems to work just fine at the moment, perhaps somebody can try with another browser.)

    Oh, of course you’re going to ask about my other plugins. They are:
    AskApache Password Protect 3.5.1
    Bad Behavior 2.0.15 Active Deactivate | Edit
    Dashboard Widget Manager 1.2.1
    Disable autosave 0.1
    Extended Category Widget 1.2
    Filosofo Comments Preview 1.0.4
    gunnART AlphaIndex 0.2c BETA
    Hotlink Protection 0.1
    JS SpamBlock 2.0
    Rodney’s Search Widget 1.1
    Search Everything 4.2.2
    Sort Categories By Title 1.0
    WP Super Cache 0.5.4

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  • It’s back again. Just have a look and compare any permalink with that of the permalink of a category chosen from the dropdown (categories chosen in a post work correctly). I still wonder why the default permalink wouldn’t work, but it shouldn’t appear in the first place.

    It’s not a browser thing and it doesn’t matter if I use the default of another widget and it’s still off and on…………

    It seems like I solved the thing. Since I couldn’t stand that this happened in only one installation, I started to compare the plugins that I use in each one. The only extra plugin that could be the problem was the Extended Categories Widget. Since since 2.5.1 (or perhaps even 2.5) the standard category widget can also show hierarchy I didn’t need it anymore anyway, so I deleted the other widget. No succes. Then I figured perhaps the plugin/widget has changed some file so I uploaded WP again. No succes. A much simpler thing to try is of course to just change permalinks to default and back to “pretty” so the htaccess will be rewritten and that seems to have helped. It might have even helped without all the other fuss, but at the moment the problem seems solved and not intended to return. I’ll check again of course tomorrow at work (other browswer, other system, etc.), but I have marked this thread as resolved (which I can in FF but no in IE) nonetheless.

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