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    New installation, unable to get Dropbox connected. I wiped settings to try again, and I get the same error. After wiping settings, I scroll down and select Dropbox as the remote storage. Hit Save Changes and then click the resulting link to authenticate.

    (The link is:, which then calls

    Clicking this link takes me to my Dropbox account and a red error appears at the top of the page stating “The request to link the app is invalid.”

    Reloading the UpdraftPlus settings page results in the message: “(You appear to be already authenticated).” But there is no app registered on Dropbox, and backups don’t work.

    After trying a manual backup, each page load tries to get the files backed up, to no avail:

    0000.000 Opened log file at time: Wed, 06 Feb 2013 15:05:24 +0000
    0000.002 UpdraftPlus: 1.4.2 WordPress: 3.5.1 PHP: 5.3.6 (FreeBSD 7.4-YAHOO-20111007 FreeBSD 7.4-YAHOO-20111007 #0 y amd64) PHP Max Execution Time: 900 ZipArchive::addFile exists: Y
    0000.004 Backup run: resumption=6, nonce=02ff4996491a, begun at=1360158757
    0000.015 Scheduling a resumption (7) in case this run gets aborted
    0000.019 Creation of backups of directories: already finished
    0000.025 Database dump: Creation and encryption were completed already
    0000.027 Saving backup history
    0000.030 plugins: This file has not yet been successfully uploaded: will queue
    0000.032 themes: This file has not yet been successfully uploaded: will queue
    0000.034 uploads: This file has not yet been successfully uploaded: will queue
    0000.038 others: This file has not yet been successfully uploaded: will queue
    0000.040 backup_2013-02-06-1352_sitename_02ff4996491a-db.gz.crypt: db: This file has already been successfully uploaded
    0000.041 Requesting backup of the files that were not successfully uploaded
    0000.045 Cloud backup selection: dropbox
    0000.048 Beginning dispatch of backup to remote
    0000.050 Dropbox: begin cloud upload

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  • As an additional note, this problem occurs on a client website hosted on Yahoo Small Business hosting. I installed and activated the plugin successfully just now on other sites at Bluehost and Dreamhost with no issues.

    I would not be surprised in the least if this is yet another problem with Yahoo hosting, but I’d like to be able to confirm that if not resolve the issue.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    From what you’ve said, I’d advise contacting Yahoo. They will be able to watch the network traffic back and forth between your site and Dropbox to say what’s going on. But from what you say, it sounds like you’ve got something in your hosting setup that prevents Dropbox from calling back in properly.

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