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  • Alison


    Hey All,

    So I am working on a page for an organization that has a dropbox folder they all upload too. Im wanting to embed the Dropbox folders in a page, something like an iframe perhaps, or at least a menu where all staff can go and upload files into different folders right from the wordpress page. I have looked at different plugins, but have not found one thats totally convenient, almost all are just upload forms that are generic. The users should see the files somehow, or at least the folders in a *live* way?

    To simplify: I need an interface where the select users can go, upload files, all in the organizations website rather than having them all have different apps to mess with on their own computers. If they just have to go to the main site it would be much easier.

    Notes: Other things I am integrating include google docs, and a google calendar.
    Im open to other solutions as well. I have a dreamhost account with dreamobjects

    It all seems so tangible, I just need a guru or wizard here to enlighten this newbie! Im open to any tutorial. Thanks so much! A

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  • Mika Epstein


    On my list of things to add on to the DreamObjects plugin is an uploader.

    How are you going to define ‘staff’? User roles?

    Who would be downloading? Everyone, or just staff, or just members?



    Hey Ipstenu-DH,

    I would simply say, for example, the “Authors” role, would have access to the files. It would be cool if there was a drop menu that could choose the roles for access to the files.

    Mika Epstein


    That can be done. 😀

    I added in some code yesterday to my DreamObjects plugin which lets authors and up (i.e. anyone who can upload media) upload files to a bucket on DreamObjects, since that made sense 😉 Only Admins can pick the bucket.

    Right now it just shows a list of the files on the backend, which makes it easy to control who can see the files. For further viewing though, are you looking at backend (i.e. only logged in members) or something for the front end?

    FWIW, I’ll probably push the code for the uploader today or tomorrow 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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