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    Hi folks,
    Updated today and took quite some time to get back to close to what I had. This loads faster, but visusal results seemed much nice in 1.21

    The bug: If I select Drop Shadow true, I can never change it back to false. It is unclickable. I found a workaround by deleting the path to the image and saving, but this is broken for me.

    Now: In 1.21 there were other shadow choices. I can’t remember what I had, but it looked like a true drop shadow on the image and also looked much better with the image “buttons?” below the image in the shadow. How can I get this back please?

    Last question, I keep looking, albeit not intensely, for the difference between the Lite and Paid and do not see a comparison. Is there one? What is the paid cost in USD as I “think” I only saw British pounds. But again,. I looked very briefly as I am trying to get the update to look as good as the previous version.



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  • UPDATE: New question!

    Just checked my slider page on three computers, several browsers. It shows as expect on 2 of the three, but third will not load at all. Constant loading widget. Why would only one computer with same browser as another fail to load?

    Thanks again.


    Well, answered two of my own questions 🙂

    To change Drop Shadow from True to False again, I must double click the button. Odd, but works.

    And the computer that would not display the slide show needed tha cache cleared. Problem is, my viewers would not know that and it loads forever until the cache is cleared.

    OK, better drop shadow?



    Arrgggghhh. Sorry for having this dialog with myself, but just refreshed the computer that had the issue loading Easing Slider until I cleared the cache and now it will not load again. Sorry must have a issue, so please reopen that question.


    OK, found the shadow png files from my previous installation and added to the new installation. Looks better, but the shadow doesn’t quite seem to size for this installation and does not look as good as it could.

    So a better drop shadow would be a nice thing, explanation of what the paid version costs in USD and what it includes above the free version and maybe a pointer to find out why that one computer opens the slider, then on refresh will not again until the cache is cleared in Firefox. I have no issue like that in the same versions of FF on other computers.


    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi @rebop, sorry for not being able to get back to you s
    ooner. Glad you’ve managed to make some progress regarding this.

    The loading issue sounds very odd and isolated – is it just happening on a particular computer? If so, it’s probably alright for other users. There hasn’t been reports of any issues of that kind.

    As the for the drop shadow, I’d be happy to take a quick look if you can provide me with a link to the slideshow in question.

    If you have any questions regarding the “Pro” version, I’d be happy to help. The main feature additions are:

    • Unlimited slideshows
    • Add HTML content to your slides
    • Add Youtube/Vimeo videos that will play when the slide is clicked
    • Touch support

    Thnks for the reply Matthw. Some progress since my last post.

    The odd computer with the issue did not have the Firefox memory cache enabled. Once enabled, no issue. I’m surprised as I installed it and always copy a working installation so no idea why that machine had that disabled. Now works as expected.

    I copied the drop shadow from a previous install of Easing Slider. It now has a shadow, but not as nice as I think it could be. Seems small and not particularly appropriate to set the slider apart from the page. But you are more than welcome to look:



    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    The shadow looks fine to me – seems to be displaying correctly. Sorry about that, not sure what to suggest :/

    Glad to hear the first issue has been sorted. Definitely sounds like a tricky one!

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