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    OK, I’ll admit, I’m no css guru….. I’m usually able to figure things out…but not this time.

    After upgrading to 3.0, I swapped out my old menu for the one that comes with 2010. Took a couple minutes, and all is great…except the darn dropdown. Now, I think this is only happening on IE, but I don’t have FF handy atm, so I can’t be sure.

    Anyway, the dropdown has a z-index of 99999 (which is how it’s set in the 2010 theme, I literally copy/pasted til I get it right)

    But the dropdown won’t come up in front of the title area of the content (widget) element below it.

    www . rvoodoo . com is the link (without the spaces obviously)

    I’ve tried adding low z-index (1, 10, etc) to the title area, and the widget area as a whole.

    I added a negative (-1) z-index to the title area, it disappears behind the widget area BG. I try making that widget bg a lower negative, and everything starts to disappear behind the wrapper

    So…. negative z index won’t work on the widget area as it goes away, but a low positive z index on the widget area, with a super high z index on the dropdown doesn’t work….the dropdown is still behind the widget title. Anyone got any ideas?

    www. rvoodoo .com is the link (without the spaces obviously)

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  • OK, well….I messed around for an hour, then did the simple thing (in my mind)

    I had the menu wrapped in a div…. that div had a high z-index….. but that didn’t matter

    I wrapped the menu wrap…in a wrap!

    Gave the wrap’s wrap a high z-index, and that did it! Makes no sense to me, but I’ll take it!


    Thank you for this post helped a lot.

    It may also be worth adding that the new “wrap” must set as position:relative;


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