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    Does anyone know of a way to make subpages drop-down using the most current Mandigo Theme?

    As it is now, the subpages are only navigable in the sidebar.

    I’d like for a mouse over/drop down navigation menu in the header page list.

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  • Hi,

    I don’t know if – 4 months later – this is too late fr you but Mandigo’s latest version has drop-down navigation in the header page list. But the background is black. I couldn’t figure out how to change the black background but I found it a few days ago. In style.css.php, find this:

    .pages ul {
    	display: none;
    	position: absolute;
    	background: #111;
    	padding: 5px 0;
    	z-index: 101;

    Change background: #111; to whatever color you want the drop-down menu’s background color to be.

    hey pagan11460

    I’ve just scoured my Mandigo 1.32 installation trying to figure out how to turn on drop-down navigation. Is there a switch somewhere in the dashboard that I’m missing?

    kaboomer… I think it’s just creating sub pages off of a parent page and not an “enable” option.

    You would need to create a page called Site Links (or whatever you want to call it) and then go to Manage/Pages and edit the page you would like as a sub category under Site Links. Once you’re in the edit mode, select Page Parent from the right menu and add Site Links as the Page Parent.

    After screwing around with it for a while, I’m not sure tho how to get something like Categories as one of the header navigation items (which is what I’d like) or make the parent page not be a click link (I made it a link template but it still takes you to a blank page with just a header of Links:).

    About may be the best option for your internal page or use a meta refresh of 0 on the page to take you to another page external to your WordPress blog space.

    I’m no expert at this, I just wanted to find out the same thing on drop down navigation so screwed around with WordPress (knowing it had sub categories) and found that. I’m probably going to take a look a bit more this week on the categories.

    Wanderlustx2 – thanks for the reply!

    I thought that this was probably the way to do this, and I got as far as creating sub pages off a parent page (called “Listen”) that does show up in my main nav bar.

    I was hoping that once I did that, hovering over “Listen” in the nav bar would automatically give me a drop down menu of the sub pages, but no dice. That’s why I was asking whether there was a switch somewhere to turn that function on. Have you actually gotten this to work yet?


    Aha. Turns out my no-menu problem was due to a problem with my theme installation.

    Reinstalled and now I’ve got drop down menus. Nice!

    I’d be interested to hear if you get anything but the black, though. I have this vision of a drop-down menu with images instead of just text links….

    I have a problem with the drop-down menus working fine in Firefox, but dissappearing under the body of the page in IE. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I finally just put all my drop-down menus positioned over sidebars only and those work fine.

    Is there a fix for the IE dropdown dissapearing act??

    I am having the same problem as rightweb2. (Mandigo.

    I am trying a fix from here:

    Putting z-index: 10;

    in the right place (li ul) of the mandigo theme stylesheet may work.


    I have exactly the same problem and still no solution 🙁

    Have you solved it?

    Same problem here: menu disappear in Explorer and does not work perfect in Firefox (menu remains after cursor is gone).I found the WP CSS Dropdown Menu-plug in instead, which works 100% perfect – but I can not get to work with Mandigo theme… In the default theme it works great.

    Has anybody gotten the drop down menus in Mandigo to work correctly with Internet Explorer?
    I have the same problem with the menu dropping behind the body o the post

    The bug with submenus has finally been fixed! Mandigo 1.35, which includes the fix, was released yesterday:

    Happy blogging!

    On Mandigo 1.35, drop-down menu only works if you don’t use the semi-transparent stripe located under this menu. If you activate this stripe, same problem describe before 1.35 still happens. Any idea to solve it?

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