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  • I am using the Lifestyle theme and my navbar contains categories and subcategories. It looks like this (test):

    <div id="subnavbar">
    	<ul id="subnav">
    	<li class="cat-item cat-item-29"><a href="http://test/category/cat1/" title="View all posts filed under cat1">cat1</a>
    <ul class='children'>
    	<li class="cat-item cat-item-41"><a href="http://test/category/cat1/subcat1/" title="View all posts filed under subcat1">subcat1</a>

    Everything works perfect in safari and FF. But in IE 6/7 the subcategories will not dropdown when mouseover the category cat1 i.e.

    Has anyone an idea what that could be or how to fix it? I am really appreciating some help!

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  • Thats the code that I use in the header.php:

    <div id="subnavbar">
    	<ul id="subnav">
    		<?php wp_list_categories('sort_column=name&title_li=&depth=4'); ?>

    Anyone an idea why the subcategoris don’t drop down in IE but in Safari/FF it works fine?

    The issue is likely with the CSS governing the hover over ul #subnav li and making visible the appropriate ul li farther along.

    I am not familiar with this theme, can we see a link to your blog? IE will only recognize the hover pseudoclass when applied to an anchor link. To get around it, most drop down systems run a small piece of Javascript that finds the list element and attaches an onmouseover event to it. I imagine that they developers of your theme took this in to account, so I’m not sure what may be happening.

    Thanks for your response. Here is the link to my website. How to I fix this issue. Hope someone has an idea!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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