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  • Is it possible to have a drop down menus by means of Mantra theme, or i have to install some plugins? ( pls suggest one:-) )
    Right now i have menu with parrent page ‘One’ and child page ‘Two’, but i dont get them drop down from each other.
    Actually, i had never tryed to do this before. All i had done – include both pages into one menu. Is it enouth?

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  • I’m pretty sure there is a bug in the theme that is preventing this as I am experiencing the same issue. I have noticed if I remove my custom menus from the menu choser, some of the menus them appear and the dropdowns funtion. If I add it back, they cease working. If I switch to another theme, dropdown menus work as expected.

    I submitted a support question to the developer 2 days ago and am awaiting a reply. With the weekend and holiday, I’m not surprised to have not received an answer yet. I hope I can get this working as it is a really nice theme!

    If I get a resolution, I’ll post it here.

    Hi all…probably like youall I’ve been struggeling and cursing for hours…its no bug…in your pages you have to select a parent menu in the specific page if you want it to appear in a dropdown do this go to your pages in wordpress, select ‘quick edit’ of the specific page you want to appear in a dropdown menu, select the ‘parent’ dropdown menu, and the select the main page you to create the dropdown menu in…that’s it!

    Ah, I wish that was it, but I already have the parent selected for my child pages and it doesn’t work. I verified this again just to be sure. It’s also telling that it does work if I choose another theme such as the default, so I am pretty sure it is some problem or unusual configuration need with the Mantra theme.

    Back to cursing for hours…;)

    Ok, I went back and played with the menus again and found something by accident that seems to work. Even though I have the parent options set, that doesn’t seem to do anything.

    But I was able to drag a page from the list of pages on the menu page and drop it under the parent in a way that it now appears offset. When I did this, it now appears as a dropdown choice. Is this the way is supposed to work? I didn’t have to do this with the default theme when I was testing it, so it makes me wonder. I’m fine if it is, just curious for knowing moving forward.

    dandoo!’re right! I spoke to soon…you’re a genius…It probably would have taken me decades to find that out (and decades of cursing… 😉 ..)…I tried it with other themes (not from cryout creation etc) and its the same issue. Sure you dont have a plugin which could be altering things? Has happend to me in the past..

    Glad to hear that this seems to be the solotuion. In my testing it seemed this wasn’t necessary with the default theme, I just had to make sure the parent was set correctly in the page properties. I only have the included plugins so I don’t think that is a factor. Either way, I’m happy with how this is working and I now know how to make the menus work.

    I would like to figure out a way to change the background color of the drop down menus without having to manually edit the theme. The white on white can be a little hard to see at times.

    Funny….I was thinking the same thing..more contrast would be better..I looked into something similar once. You probably have to try and find a white stripe/box image somewhere in the one of the rootfiles on your host en then change the colour. A lot of times its just a small image and the dimensions are changed in the editor according to the tekst length. I’ll see if i can find something.



    thanks guys. i was having the same problem with submenus and it is solved now!



    Hello! I am using Mantra and I do not have an option to select pages or subpages under “Page Attributes.” There is also not an option to select a page hierarchy under “Quick Edit.” Is this a bug?



    Hi jeannie228,
    It sounds like your looking in the wrong place. These settings are accesible under:

    Sites -> <your site name> -> Appearance -> Menus

    Make sure your custom menu is selected in the drop box under ‘primary navigation’. If not, create it. Then add any existing pages/links or whatever to the menu by chosing it from one of the source boxes on the lower left of the page. Choices are ‘custom links’, ‘pages’, or ‘categoris’. The added pages should then appear on the top right of the page as an entry in the menu customization area. You can then drag and drop the pages so they appear under what menu tab you want and in the proper order.

    Hope this helps

    thanks to you wizards… drop down menus are working perfectly. appreciate all your good work.

    I found that my Follow plugin actually caused items I “excluded from pages” were also removed from my header menu. I suppose that thinking about it now, this is fairly obvious, but I didnt think that my Follow plugin had any effect on the rest of the site menus etc.

    Anyway, once I unticked the “exclude” box, my menu magically appeared again 🙂

    You can also create custom menus in WordPress –

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