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    This is my first post so forgive me if i leave anything out. I am having a problem adding a drop down menu within a tab on my main navigation bar. I know when creating a drop down menu you just move the pages you have put on the main bar over to the right so WP will know to make it a drop down list within the tab which works great when im in any other page besides my home page. But when i am on my home page it doesnt hide the other pages within a drop down list behind the tab it just shows all the links and messes up my home page. Below is a picture of how i have the main menu set up in the back end of WP and how it has turned out on my home page. If anyone has an idea of what I may be doing wrong please let me know! Thanx!

    How the back end looks


    How the home page looks (this is where the problem is)


    an inner page (works correctly)


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