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  • HI 🙂
    Sorry to bother , but could you help me please to fix my drop downs on the main landing page (Branding, Real Estate) and drop downs on Innovative Brand Solutions in Our Specialties(Capabilities, Process, Services).
    I’ve asked my website guru to take care of it, but it seems that it’s complex. It’s driving me craZZy 🙂
    Thank you a million for your advice!!!!

    PS: I’m not sure about my version as I didn’t create the website. My apologies!

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  • Look under wp admin -> menu -> Appearances -> Menu

    If you cant see a menu there and fix it leave it for your developer or pay someone else to sort it out

    Thank you for your reply and advice!
    My guy has been trying to fix it unsuccessfully and I’m not in position to pay for the same job twice.

    I cannot see any issue, perhaps your guy should post here with the problem.

    Such as are pages not appearing, is the order not correct is this a display issue in a web browser, if so which one?

    You’re asking some specific and intelligent questions Mr phillbooth! Most importantly, I really appreciate you trying to help and your advice! 🙂

    The thing is the I’ve asked for him to fix it, and he has tried, but the problem is still there. I do not want to be pounding on his nerves and respect his time. And maybe he doesn’t know how. I’m not sure, but am walking on a fine line here as do not want to offend him as he’s been great.

    Anyhow, the problem the way I see it is that when you have the mouse over the drop down choices in divisions (like Real Estate and Branding), it’s impossible to choose one. And if you click randomly the only division that opens up is the Real Estate. Now the issue is 2 weeks old only, so something has happened while we were adding more content.

    Regardless, thank you again for your time and afford!
    I appreciate you giving my problem a thought!!!

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    Have you tried moving the submenu upwards?

    nav .menu li:hover ul,
    nav .menu li.sfHover ul {
     /* Used to be 30px */
     top: 29px;

    I would decrease the “top: 29px;” even more the spacing too far apart.

    Thank you for your advice guys! We’ll give it a try this week.
    Have you guys noticed any other problem areas that are nor visible to my untrained eye?
    FYI: I’ve created the content and suggested the structure for my site and my guy had implemented my wishes the right or wrong way….

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    For a general review of your site, try posting on the Your WordPress forum.

    Thaaank you again Mr 🙂

    Thaaank you a million for your advice!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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