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  • jake007


    Hi all,

    After building my menu on my twenty ten site I discovered that the dropdown menu does not work on older versions of internet explorer. Assuming that alot of people have older versions if IE (I found out when I looked at the site on another PC), what options would you reccomend for this ? Is there a fix or plug-in for this? The only thing I could really figure out to do is to put manuel links for those with older versions but am not really thrilled with that notion.

    Thanks for any help..

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  • jake007


    Just asking again f=before I close this. No responses, anyone???????

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    When I make a site with a drop down I use similar css to the wordpress default theme. As you say, it doesn’t work work in IE6. My code works in every major browser except IE6 (well, i didn’t test IE5.5, I really don’t care about it!).

    I get around it by using wp_nav_menu. I add my pages in there via appearance => Menus then I just call it on a separate template for the page where the drop down should be. That way IE6 users can still click on the top level and get to a page with what would have been in the drop down.

    Sooner the better IE6 rots away…I still think the problems with png and transparency annoy me the most though! Also, check your z-index with IE7. It has a habit of displaying a drop down behind stuff like JQuery banners…


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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