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    I have made a site with a child theme of Twenty Twelve.

    Site works fine and I like the responsive Twenty Twelve parent theme.

    One problem, specific to ipads, has been brought to my attention:

    The top nav menu has the “Resources” item which displays a drop down of 4 sub menu items. The drop down items do not appear on ipads. When using an ipad you cannot click “Resources” and then see the 4 sub menu items. You cannot do anything to get the 4 item drop down sub menu to appear.

    I googled this and saw lots of reference to this problem… but found no solution. any help greatly appreciated.

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  • The Resources drop down works just fine on my iPad2 with iOS 6.1.3

    One problem, specific to ipads, has been brought to my attention

    This is an issue with your theme’s CSS. Consult theme provider

    Edit: I tested actually using Chrome’s Dev tools, loading the ipad 4 and 5 user agents and default screen sizes…4 showed the menu, 5 showed the menu selector. This is a CSS issue.

    thank you both for your replies!

    2ninerniner2: I don’t know what versions ipad or iOS but I have 2 reports of this problem

    Seacoast: I am the theme provider and so in part my question is – if there is an issue with the css or if there is some additional css rules I should add- please advise

    Try switching to twentytwelve (unmodified) – do you have the same issue there?

    The issue is most likely with the CSS of the Child Theme. Test as WPyogi notes to see. If it still has the same issue, it would then most likely be a plugin, deactivate each with default unedited theme to test.

    Thanks for your helpful replies. I seem to have fixed the problem and I’m going to try to explain how in case it could help someone else. I found this tip via a google search about my problem with drop down on ipad.

    In the Menu section of the Dashboard I opened/expanded the “Resources” menu item and in the url field I entered a # symbol.

    That apparently allows WP to treat the Menu item as an “a” tag and thus allows it to be a clickable option to reveal the drop down.

    Looking at the “Resources” menu item in firebug – Without the # it appears as <a>Resources</a>. With the # added it appears as <a href="#"> Resources</a>. That seemed to do the trick. Hope this may help someone else.

    Thanks again for your help!

    markf1, you are a genius! I have been searching all day trying to solve this problem. This fixed it! THANK YOU!

    Where are you finding the “URL” field in the menu system?

    Click on the “flippy triangle” on the right side of any menu item bar –

    I think the link (above) from WPyogi answers your question?

    I still do not see anything resembling a URL field. When I click the triangle, it drops and displays “Navigation Label” filed and “Title Attribute” field. It also displays some choices to move the menu.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have WordPress 3.7

    What is your site URL? Have you set up a custom menu?

    Thanks for helping

    As a work-around, I have tried eliminating drop-downs and opening a PAGE containing hyperlinks. This works OK on iPad. However, this is not what I want to do.

    I recenting finished a new website, using the wp, template, plugins etc. The drop-downs work great on iPad for

    I would suggest posting on your theme’s forum – this thread is outdated and not relevant to you theme/site anyway –

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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