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    Hi there,

    I have recently added the events calendar to a dev site that I am building. I am using the theme ‘Avada’. When I am on the events calendar page elements of my sidebar (layerslider blocks) are not displayed and the dropdown menu is not displayed either?

    I am not sure why this would be happening?

    Can you assist?


    Home URL
    Site URL
    Site Language
    Character Set
    Install keys

    WordPress version
    PHP version

    max_execution_time = 4000
    memory_limit = 512M
    upload_max_filesize = 1G
    post_max_size = 128M
    display_errors =
    log_errors = 1


    LayerSlider WP version 6.5.1 by Kreatura Media(
    Boxzilla version 3.1.16 by ibericode(
    Contact Form 7 version 4.9 by Takayuki Miyoshi(
    Content timeline version 4.4.2 by Shindiri Studio(
    Flamingo version 1.7 by Takayuki Miyoshi
    Fusion Builder version 1.2.1 by ThemeFusion(
    Fusion Core version 3.2.1 by ThemeFusion(
    Give – Donation Plugin version 1.8.12 by WordImpress(
    The Events Calendar version 4.5.11 by Modern Tribe, Inc.(
    WP Maintenance Mode version 2.0.9 by Designmodo(

    Network Plugins

    MU Plugins

    Avada Child


    schema-version = 4.5.11
    recurring_events_are_hidden = hidden
    previous_ecp_versions =

    [0] => 0
    [1] =>

    latest_ecp_version = 4.5.11
    last-update-message-the-events-calendar =
    donate-link =
    postsPerPage = 10
    liveFiltersUpdate = 1
    showComments =
    showEventsInMainLoop =
    eventsSlug = attend-our-events
    singleEventSlug = event
    multiDayCutoff = 00:00
    defaultCurrencySymbol = R
    reverseCurrencyPosition =
    embedGoogleMaps = 1
    embedGoogleMapsZoom = 10
    debugEvents =
    tribe_events_timezone_mode = site
    tribe_events_timezones_show_zone =
    stylesheetOption = full
    tribeEventsTemplate = default
    tribeEnableViews =

    [0] => list
    [1] => month
    [2] => day

    viewOption = list
    tribeDisableTribeBar =
    monthEventAmount = 3
    enable_month_view_cache = 1
    dateWithYearFormat = F j, Y
    dateWithoutYearFormat = F j
    monthAndYearFormat = F Y
    dateTimeSeparator = @
    timeRangeSeparator = –
    datepickerFormat = 0
    tribeEventsBeforeHTML = [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=\”no\” equal_height_columns=\”no\” menu_anchor=\”\” hide_on_mobile=\”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility\” class=\”\” id=\”\” background_color=\”\” background_image=\”\” background_position=\”center center\” background_repeat=\”no-repeat\” fade=\”no\” background_parallax=\”none\” enable_mobile=\”no\” parallax_speed=\”0.3\” video_mp4=\”\” video_webm=\”\” video_ogv=\”\” video_url=\”\” video_aspect_ratio=\”16:9\” video_loop=\”yes\” video_mute=\”yes\” video_preview_image=\”\” border_size=\”\” border_color=\”\” border_style=\”solid\” margin_top=\”\” margin_bottom=\”\” padding_top=\”\” padding_right=\”\” padding_bottom=\”\” padding_left=\”\”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=\”1_1\” layout=\”1_1\” spacing=\”\” center_content=\”no\” hover_type=\”none\” link=\”\” min_height=\”\” hide_on_mobile=\”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility\” class=\”\” id=\”\” background_color=\”\” background_image=\”\” background_position=\”left top\” background_repeat=\”no-repeat\” border_size=\”0\” border_color=\”\” border_style=\”solid\” border_position=\”all\” padding=\”\” dimension_margin=\”\” animation_type=\”\” animation_direction=\”left\” animation_speed=\”0.3\” animation_offset=\”\” last=\”no\”][fusion_title margin_top=\”\” margin_bottom=\”\” hide_on_mobile=\”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility\” class=\”\” id=\”\” size=\”1\” content_align=\”left\” style_type=\”none\” sep_color=\”\”]

    Attend <span style=\”color: #5ca6d5;\”>Our Events</span> [fusion_fontawesome icon=\”fa-plus\” size=\”34px\” flip=\”\” rotate=\”\” spin=\”no\” alignment=\”\” hide_on_mobile=\”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility\” class=\”\” id=\”\” circle=\”no\” iconcolor=\”#ED1C24\” circlecolor=\”\” circlebordercolor=\”\” animation_type=\”\” animation_direction=\”down\” animation_speed=\”0.1\” animation_offset=\”\”][/fusion_fontawesome]

    <span style=\”font-size: 18px; line-height: 20px;\”>_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _</span>

    tribeEventsAfterHTML =
    google_maps_js_api_key = AIzaSyDkvfpaJX4lp5G5-46FfyUnZdS7jN08p_Y

    WP Timezone
    Unknown or not set
    WP GMT Offset
    Server Timezone
    WP Date Format
    F j, Y
    WP Time Format
    g:i a
    Week Starts On
    Common Library Dir
    Common Library Version

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  • Plugin Contributor Courtney Engle Robertson


    Hi @carlaturner91

    I’d like to look at your event page, but the site is locked into maintenance mode. Can you possibly open that page up?

    Courtney 🙂

    Hi Courtney @courane01,

    Unfortunately I can’t make the page live.

    I can make you some logins so that you can view the page.

    Is there a way I can send those to you privately?



    • This reply was modified 2 years, 5 months ago by carlaturner91.

    Hi @courane01,

    I still need some help with this. Would it be possible to send you logins privately?

    Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Contributor GeoffBel


    Hey @carlaturner91

    The best way to get access to private support would be through our premium forums.
    Of course, that would mean getting a hold of one of our premium plugins.

    Another option might be to have access to a staging/testing environment.

    Other than that, by the sound of it, it looks like there is some type of conflict at play.
This is usually because of:

    1. A conflict with another plugin
    2. A conflict with your WordPress theme
    3. A template customization for the Events Calendar that requires updating

    When it comes to that type of issue, it is preferable to troubleshoot in a staging environment if you have one.

    A first quick test is to simply temporarily revert back to a default WordPress theme such as twenty-sixteen to see if the issue persists.
    The next step would be to go through our testing for conflicts procedure and let us know what you find out.

    Basically the goal here is to revert back to a bare WordPress installation to see if the problem persists. It also allows us to pinpoint what the cause of the issue is.

    But, before you do that, there are 2 things I would advise:
    1. Make a backup of your database
    2. Consider activating a “Maintenance Page” plugin if you are doing this on your live site (to minimize impact on your visitors)

    Let me know how that goes.
    Geoff B.

    Plugin Contributor Courtney Engle Robertson


    Hey there! This thread has been inactive for a while so we’re going to go ahead and mark it Resolved. Please feel free to open a new thread if any other questions come up and we’d be happy to help. 🙂

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