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  • I’m really trying to mimic something close to what this site Precision Camera is pulling off in their “free repair quote” form. I’ve scoured google and WP and have not figured out how to have someone navigate our products via a drop down list. I’m not sure if it’s even possible in WP but I thought I’d ask. Right now I’m using woocommerce, but I can use any ecommerce solution. I’ve already exhausted days, and I’m thinking I might be using the wrong search terms. I’m pretty handy with WP and just might need a shove in the right direction. This is my first time using the forums here, usually I figure this stuff out with research and don’t usually bug people, but this is starting to frustrate me. Any help in this area will be much appreciated

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  • Are you seeking to allow a user to filter by category? or a full list of all products?

    Ideally almost exactly how they have it there. You click make and then the next drop down is a list of all the models I have. The make portion would be the category I would guess, and the model would be the corresponding products in that category. I’ve seen this type of thing on several types of camera repair sites.

    I’ve also been messing around with a predictive text function that would make it even easier for the user to pull up there model. After, days of research I’m kind of starting to lean towards the more user friendly predictive text function. This is a breakthrough I’ve had since my post.

    Any suggestions would be helpful though.

    I have a similar situation.

    Have you found a way to create a drop-down list of your products?

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