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  • All the drop down boxes quit working. I can no longer chose different font sizes, font families, etc. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

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  • I am having similar issue. What went wrong? Seems like a cross-border issue!!!

    Same here. However, I can see that the drop down menus are popping up (so to speak). It’s just that they are doing so behind the editor window where they cannot be reached.

    Wanted to let you know that the reported issues are actually with TinyMCE core and not with the plugin. Although, judging from the plugin support forum, people seem to assume it is the plugin that causes the issues.

    However, after deactivating the plugin, clearing cache and DNS, and trying on several browsers, it is clear that the issue is not this plugin but TinyMCE core.

    It could be related to the recent upgrade to WordPress 4.8.1 but I am not certain.

    I posted this on Automattic Facebook page and also on the TinyMCE Advanced plugin developer’s website.

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    Update: I have been using The Beaver Builder plug-in on my sites. They just put out an update and now everything seems to be working fine.



    Any ideas when a fix may appear anyone? This impacts all my websites.

    Any good alternatives?

    Our theme developers (Stylemix Themes) have just released an update to the VC plugin (which came with the theme), which fixed the dropdown menus issues.

    Ok yes it is because of the wordpress update. The z-index in the editor.css main menu styling is not high enough. Need a fix fast.

    I found this but do not know how to override the core style css. After inspecting the elements: {
    border-width: 1px;
    z-index: 65536;
    left: 600px;
    top: 31px;
    width: 175px;
    display: none;

    z-index needs to be pushed up to 99999 or 999999 !important;
    This needs to be done in the wp-includes/css/editor.css?ver=4.8.1
    The problem is messing with core files you need hook via function.php so this fix stay put on the next update if they do not apply this to it.

    Any answers to resolve this now that I located the issue?

    I have Avada Theme with Fusion Builder and also noticed the same issue – drop down in text editor no longer working. Adding in via html is too time consuming. Any new information on this thread?

    Place the following in your functions.php file, this worked for me not elegant but should get you out of trouble
    function uacit_fix_editor_z_index() {
    echo ‘<style>
    z-index: 999999999 !important;
    z-index:999999999 !important;

    add_action(‘admin_head’, ‘uacit_fix_editor_z_index’);

    I have just the same issue; dropdown items behind BB window and useless;
    can someone suggest a working solution?

    This is a z-index issue.
    Add this to your functions.php

    function mce_show_dropdown_fix(){
    print “<style>.mce-floatpanel { z-index: 100101 !important; }</style>”;

    ierso — I added the code you listed above but it stopped the backend from working …

    is there a specific place it goes in the file ??

    I am using the agriculture theme from CMSmasters …

    uses tinymce advanced …

    I had this issue and ierso’s fix worked for me, BUT…
    Be careful if you copy and paste the code from this post – the single and double quotes in the code came out as ‘smart’ quotes when I pasted them into my text editor, which broke the WordPress edit pages. When I went in and changed all the quotes to the regular straight-up-and-down version all was well.

    My Website drop down menu not working at Products page having too many pages thats not working since 4 months

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